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At DFS, our Financial Planning focuses on implementation of well-defined, specific objectives for the allocation of your assets. These objectives and allocations (we call “Dispositions for Your Money”) set a strong foundation for your financial future. The primary Dispositions, and the ways they’ll be used, include the following:

As a result of using our Disposition-focused approach, rather than relying on the hope that simple asset allocation and diversification will result in sufficient growth, our clients have greater confidence that they, and those they care about, will benefit from their wealth in the most meaningful way. In so doing, we are Bringing Money to Life™.

Our privilege is Bringing Your Money to Life to help you achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams

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Financial Personas

Who are you with your money? Does money make you excited for the experiences it can buy or the interest it can accrue? Does gaining a windfall inspire you to spend, save or invest? Differing personalities and perspectives can limit our view of Financial Planning. The way you handle your money, the decisions you make with your money, these issues are tied to your financial personality. There are strengths and weaknesses that go with each. While there is no one best financial persona, Understand yourself better to DO LIFE better with your money.

Use our resources to help you identify your financial personality so you can leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

A Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner can help you make the best choices given your personality and priorities, and fill in the gaps in your knowledge and behavior patterns to get you the best result. Drop us a line for a free consultation to review your Financial Plan.

The way you view and handle your money is tied to your financial personality.

Learn more so you can leverage your strengths and weaknesses.
Financial Personas

5 Components of Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan needs to incorporate more than just investments. Learn the key questions you should ask when considering how to achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams.
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Does My Advisor Get Me?

What is it you expect from your Financial Advisor (even if YOU are your financial advisor)?
How do you know when they (or you) are doing a good job?

An expert financial advisor is able to leverage skills and experience gained over many years in the profession with Client/Advisor Connectedness to provide a fabulous client experience and financial results to match. However, it may be challenging for a client to know if an advisor is actually doing a good job, since you might not have a sufficient understanding of finances or an informed expectation of the services you should be receiving. Although feeling connected is potentially a beneficial facilitator for achieving financial effectiveness through an advisor, it does not necessarily equal effective advising.

Here are some insights into how to measure your advisor (or yourself) to ensure your finances are well managed and planned to achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams. Let us help as you learn to make the MOST of your Financial Advisor relationship.

Does Your Advisor Get You?
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Our privilege is Bringing Your Money to Life to help you achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams

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