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We all want a wonderful, worry-free retirement with enough money to achieve our Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams. But failing to plan really does mean planning to fail when it comes to retirement. While one strategy may have worked well to get you TO retirement, it will not necessarily be the best strategy to help you IN retirement? An advisor equipped with a track record of experience in all these areas will assist integrating your financial plan to address all areas. At Dedicated Financial Services, we believe the benefit of assets is not simply their accumulated worth but how they can empower you to meet your goal of MaxAMAZING your Retirement™. We help clients accomplish this by aligning your assets with whatever it is in life that matters the most to you. We call this Process “Bringing Your Money to Life™.”

Financial success in retirement doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of planning. Dig in and do some work considering the following key factors that can impact your joy in retirement.

Our privilege is Bringing Your Money to Life to help you achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams

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MaxAMAZING Your Retirement™

Get the answers you need to MaxAMAZE Your Retirement, including:

  • Who you are and what in Life matters the most to you
  • How to make your retirement as amazing as it can be by realizing your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams
  • How to Bring Your Money to Life™ by aligning it with what matters most…and not botch it up
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MaxAMAZING Your Retirement

Does My Advisor Get Me?

In a professional Client/Financial Advisor relationship, the only TRULY important measure for you—the client—is the effectiveness of the planning and the performance of the financial strategies and instruments put in place to meet your needs. You need a relationship that increases the likelihood you will maximize your financial success with confidence. 

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Income Generation

Good retirement planning requires a portfolio to be integrated with income sources that provide a solution resembling a paycheck, like those earned during working years, while having the flexibility to meet needs as they arise. Retirement is the stage of life when you should enjoy complete discretionary time, free to do or not do whatever you please. For this lifestyle to be possible, you must not have a financial need to work, but should instead rely on income sources such as Social Security, Pensions, and Annuities to meet regular expenses. Of course, if these sources are insufficient, as they too often are, your portfolio of assets must be structured in a way that helps support shortfalls while being available to cover less frequent expenses, whether anticipated or not.

Since we realize that income needs will likely increase due to inflation, the desire to benefit loved ones, and a myriad of life and health changes, our approach often includes allocating a portfolio’s portion (not needed for the reasonable foreseeable future) into growth strategies that are consistent with the client’s risk tolerance and withdrawal time horizon. DFS guides and supports its clients through this vital planning process.

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5 Components of Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan needs to incorporate more than just investments. Learn the key questions you should ask when considering how to achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams.
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Estate Planning

Overall, our objective is to assure that the client’s assets get to their intended recipients with minimal delay and, minimal, if any, Federal and/or State inheritance or estate taxes. Though DFS does not offer legal advice, we help you reach this objective by coordinating investment and tax components of an estate plan with the advice and service that attorneys provide. In addition, there are three ways clients can support the objective.

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Minimize Risk in Retirement

News reports notwithstanding, people are living longer than ever before. That means many more years of enjoying a well-earned retirement. However, longer lifespans make it critical to carefully manage risk – even after retirement – to ensure that you have the funds you need to maintain your lifestyle.

We have compiled resources to help as you seek to protect your retirement income from perils like inflation, market volatility and outliving your savings.

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Neutralizing Risk is an Important Component of Financial Planning.

Explore all of the Components of Financial Planning at the links below!
5 Components Of Financial Planning

Our privilege is Bringing Your Money to Life to help you achieve your Life Goals, Hopes and Dreams

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